Shannon’s Blog – 14 July 2014


Although it’s been raining for the past few days, I’m in the summer spirit!

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been really enjoying doing (mostly) nothing, although I have taken part in the Tatton Park 5k Pretty Muddy Race for Life and the Manchester 5k Color Run. They were both really fun; it was great to have the mess of mud and paint added to a normal 5k run. Me and a friend did the Race for Life a couple of weeks ago when it was still really hot, and we managed to catch a sunburn as well as getting mud in every crevice. There were some really fun obstacles on the course like a tire hop, cargo nets, a mud pit and a great big mud slide.


The Color Run was maybe a little less messy, but no less fun. There were 4 paint stations around the course at each 1k marker where volunteers absolutely covered you with the magical dust. I did the run with my boyfriend, his mum and sister, and at each station my boyfriend thought it would be fun to roll around on the floor for optimum coverage. Funnily enough, his white tshirt was definitely the most colourful at the end! At the finish line, we were given a colour pack each to take over to the CapitalFM stage where everyone threw their own powdered paint in the air every 15 minutes to create the famous colour cloud.


In line with all of this exercise, I’ve also joined the gym again for a 6 week summer membership, so we’ll see how that works out…

This weekend I’m off to T in the Park festival for a glorious 4 days (please, please, please no rain). I’ll have to go shopping on Wednesday night for food and alcohol essentials, and then getting the coach to Kinross at 10am the following morning!

The extra course that I mentioned in my last blog is well underway, and so far is very interesting. We’ve just completed 3 weeks spent on Homer’s The Odyssey, and this week we’ll be focusing on Hesiod’s Theogony, which I have absolutely no clue about.


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