Katerina’s Blog – 30 June 2014

Open Days

Over the past weekend I got the chance to work at The University of Manchester Undergraduate Open Days and had an amazing time! If you’re thinking about applying to university – go to one! It is an amazing opportunity to get a feel of what your chosen university is all about and talk to current students about their experience. In my opinion this can give you a much better idea about what you are getting into rather than any brochure, ranking or website.   There are a couple of open days per year and if I’m not mistaken, the next one for The University of Manchester is in early October so stay tuned! Here is a video that shows what an Open day feels like for visitors:

Now you know what a brilliant experience Open Day’s can be as a prospective student, let me tell you what it is like for the people who run the whole thing. We, the Student Ambassadors, get a very early start and have to be on campus at 7.30 – even though the official day doesn’t start till 10, there are still plenty of people who show up early and need guidance and someone to chat to. To be honest, even though I am not a fan of getting up early (who is?), this is possibly one of my favourite parts of the day as it is not as busy just yet and you get to talk to people more, without worrying that someone else is waiting for you to finish your sentence to ask you another question. I can vividly remember how horrified I was when I had to make my choice and how much I would have appreciated it if I could’ve talked to someone who had been through it all, so I really try to pay as much attention as possible to every person.

Of course, some questions are easier to answer than others – I struggle with questions about good coffee (i.e. “Where’s the best coffee on campus?”) as I don’t drink coffee and also with very specific questions such as “How many fire exits does this building have?” because …well, why would I know – I am absolutely sure that the architects and engineers who built it had it covered!

The highlight for me this year was chatting to a girl who was also named Katerina (spelled in the exact same way, which she thought was fascinating) about the origins of our name (it is a Greek word and means “pure”) and getting sunburnt even though I had sun cream on (who would have thought Manchester can get that sunny and warm?).

While the Open Days were a definite highlight, so was finishing the conceptual model for my dissertation – slowly I am getting there! Hopefully I will have my questionnaire approved by next week so I can start collecting data J

Hope you are all having an exciting summer and are enjoying the sun!

Lots of love,



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