Adam’s Blog – 19 June 2014

Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve all been okay, and all of your exams have gone well! Second year has finally finished, and the infamous third year of my English Literature and Linguistics course at The University of Manchester is quickly approaching! Many students – especially those who take humanities subjects, such as English, History, and Classics – fear the dreaded long projects and dissertation that final year students have to contend with due to their length and complexity; coming in at approximately twelve thousand words, it’s quite easy to understand why! Instead of opting to study a large variety of different modules, as I did in my second year, I have chosen to research and write both a dissertation and a long essay project on specific areas of the English language that I find significant; mainly, aspects of language change that occurred throughout the Middle Ages. Although they are initially intimidating, the longer pieces of third year coursework focus on developing one’s own specific interests within their course, offering students the opportunity to explore unfamiliar topics under the guidance of their designated supervisor (often, a member of staff who has carried out world-leading research on the matter that you seek to discover).  Completing an extended work is a fantastic bridge for students who, like me, are contemplating progressing onto a Master’s course once they have attained their Bachelor’s undergraduate degree. I plan on spending a lot of time in The University of Manchester’s various libraries over the next few weeks in order to get through the set reading for some of my third year essays and courses. By doing this, I’ll hopefully be less stressed when the time comes to start my next load of work in October!

Now that university is over and the summer holidays have started, most students have either returned home to their families, obtained summer internships, or chosen to travel.  A number of my flat mates have obtained jobs and have moved to the USA until our next academic term begins, providing them with a means of seeing more of the world and earning extra money for when they come back. Although I applied for a job there, I took two weeks off from work to travel around Egypt for a holiday with a few of my university friends (…although it was a bit too hot for us!). It made a nice change socialising with them in new, interesting ways; instead of meeting for coffee and going for meals in one of the many Costa Coffees or Starbucks shops that are abundant within the heart of Manchester, we went snorkelling around the reefs, quad biking in the desert, and partying in Sharm El-Sheikh’s Hard Rock Cafes.

It’s The University of Manchester’s open day on Friday and Saturday, so the campus will be full of potential students looking to experience our way of life. I’m working on the English Literature stand, answering questions about my degree programme, Halls of Residence, the University. and the city in general. Feel free to say ‘hi’ if you see me!

I’ll let you know how it goes in my next post.

Have a good weekend! J



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