Katerina’s Blog – 16 June 2014

Let the sunshine in! 🙂

Exam period is over and the sun is shining – in short, life is wonderful.

Exam period was stressful but not as stressful as I imagined – I want to believe that my efforts to do the recommended reading on time during the semester did pay off in the end  🙂 Therefore, I had time to actually do things like going to the Bridgewater Hall to listen to the BBC Philharmonic and sign up for the gym instead of stressing out. The BBC Philharmonic was a particular highlight for me as I love classical music and getting the chance to listen to them for 9 pounds was really, really wonderful – another one of the many perks of studying in a big and vibrant city like Manchester.

Signing up to the gym was another major accomplishment for me – it has been a part of my New Semester Resolutions since first year but I never managed to actually do it. That is, until now. With only exams and my dissertation left, I won’t really have a reason to leave a room on a daily basis, so I decided it is high time to commit to going to the gym. It has been going pretty well so far – I’ve been there at least twice a week for the past four weeks, which, considering I had to prepare for exams, is not that bad. I aim to at least keep that up and hopefully find the willpower to go every other day till the end of summer (I read somewhere that sharing your progress on social media and blogs improves your performance, so I plan on keeping you all updated 🙂 ).

Not only that, I also plan on going to the library on weekdays in order to create some sort of routine to keep me going. I have started that as well and I have to tell you – it is a dramatically different experience with all the undergrads gone –  firstly, finding a free PC is not an issue anymore as there are just a handful of people scattered around the floors. Secondly, having so few people makes it a lot more likely to make friends as you all share the same postgrad fate and everyone seems a lot more eager to share their dissertation story and struggles. I met a really nice biomedical science student today and even though our fields are extremely different, we still managed to find things to chat about and have decided to go for a coffee (in the library cafe of course!) soon. According to Dan Ariely’s “Predictably Irrational“, which is a brilliant book I highly recommend, to motivate yourself to do something unpleasant, you simply need to associate it with something positive and you will find yourself looking forward to it. Therefore, to motivate myself to do more work while all my friends are posting pictures from the beach, I only need to associate it with something awesome such as meeting all those wonderful postgrads in the library!

I will keep you updated on both my gym and library progress and I hope you are having a blast whatever your summer entails!

Lots of love,



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