Shannon’s Blog – 11 June 2014

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone’s exams have gone well! I’ve spent lots of time revising in computer clusters, sometimes up until 2am, but I’m very glad to say that my exams went really well and I’ve begun my summer on a good note.

The last few days have been great for just chilling out, reading, watching some Criminal Minds and not having to worry about anything, but soon my friends and I will have to start thinking about the logistics of moving into our new house (eeeek!). It’s a scary prospect, but once all of the organising is over and done with, it will be worth it; we’re all pretty excited!

I’m going to be moving out of Owens Park this Saturday, and I must say I’m probably not going to miss it… I know most of my flatmates this year have really enjoyed staying here, but I’ve found it just a bit too rowdy, plus I CAN’T STAND sharing living quarters with unhygienic people. My housemates for the next year have had fair warning about cleaning up after themselves, but we all know each other quite well so I don’t think there will really be any problems.

Other than moving plans, I’ve got a few good things lined up for this summer. I’m going to T in the Park festival next month with a group of friends and my boyfriend which I’m pretty excited for! I’m also going for a week away to Centerparcs in Cumbria with my parents, boyfriend and dogs, and another week away to Devon later on in the summer.

Meanwhile, I’m doing an extra course over the summer on greek and roman mythology run by a website called Coursera partner up with universities across the world to offer free courses over a period of weeks, with the option to earn a signed certificate. I’ve just started the course this week (partnered with the University of Pennsylvania) and it looks pretty good so far.

That’s it from me for now, I hope you guys have a good summer!

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