Philippa’s Blog – 11 June 2014

On Afterwards

Its been nearly six weeks since I submitted my thesis now and I’m sure students across the country are, like me, enjoying having a bit of time to themselves now the pressure to work has been released. I watched more of the Snooker World Championships than I thought I could stomach! But whilst the relief has been enormous, its been a funny time for me. I now have a Viva to prepare for and the task of finding a job (hopefully before I spend all my savings) is looming. But those tasks had to wait whilst I gave my office a long-overdue tidy up:

P 1


Although I still have things that need doing fairly urgently, its been odd adjusting now the overwhelming and insistent task of submitting that thesis has been lifted. I’ve been trying to work out what my new goals are, and thinking about how to approach them calmly! So I’m back off to the CV for a few hours this afternoon.



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