Eleanor’s Blog – 11 June 2014

After 3 long years at The University of Manchester. I’ve finally done it. FINISHED!!!

…for the summer. 4 year course, remember!

Yes, I’ve handed in all my assignments and I’m now freeeeeee until September. The last push to finish everything was rather eventful though, ending up staying in the Learning Commons from 9pm until 5:30am. It was literally light outside when we arrived, and then when we left. But it’s all done now! On to the summer!

learning commons 5.30am

I’m still here in Manchester making the most of the somewhat sporadic sunshine! This weekend was Parklife, Manchester’s massive 2 day festival up in Heaton Park. As usual for me, such an event couldn’t be complete without a downpour of glitter! It was an immense weekend, with just under 70000 people attending to see the likes of Snoop Dog, Bastille, Rudimental and many, many more. I had such a good weekend! Ignoring the fact it took us 4 hours to get home on the Saturday, the weather miraculously stayed nice and I just had a right good dance in a field.


Before Parklife, I did yet more student ambassador work, this time at the National Conference for the UK’s Disabled Workforce, hosted at uni by the University’s Disabled Staff Network. I got to sit in on some really interesting talks by the National Autistic Society, and mADDchester, a manchester-based ADHD support charity. There were also speakers from Bipolar UK, the Stroke Association and the National Union of Students, amongst others. It was a really interesting event, highlighting barriers some disabled people may face in regards to working, as well as celebrating the input and opportunity for doing amazing things in the workplace and studying. I enjoyed the event so much, and I also got a shiny certificate at the end of it which was a bonus!

Disabled workforce conference

The time has come to start packing my room up as most tenancy agreements in Manchester come to an end on 30th June. It’s been an amazing year and I’m so sad to leave such a lovely house and truly lovely group of people. Not to worry though, as I’m just moving in to another house round the corner! Most of my friends were on 3 year courses and so have finished their degrees, and starting to have to make decisions about what to do next, eek scary stuff! I wish everyone the best in what they go on to next!


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