Eleanor’s Blog – 23 May 2014

Hi everyone!

Hope you like the new blog format!

It’s coming towards the end of the year again which can only mean DEADLINES. At this point I’ve been in the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons (or Ali G, as it’s affectionately known) so often that I’ve tried most of the sandwiches and soup and I’m sick of Sainsbury’s meal deals. Just a week to go until my last submission and I’m free for summer! I can’t stray too far though as I’ve got loads of student ambassador work lined up. I’ve been working recently for the Gateways programme, which invites high school students from in and around Manchester to come and visit the university once a year to give a bit of insight into uni and what and why people study here. I’ve worked an intense few days with loads of year 7 pupils teaching them sign language and taking them on tours of the campus. Really fun but so tiring! 

In other news, the vegetarianism is on hold for now. I did well lasting for about 3 months though! This week is national vegetarian week though so I’ve been having a bit of a try again (except for those fish fingers on Tuesday), and it’s going well. I feel like I need to be healthier as well given the time of year so my brain can be working at full capacity (HA) and I can power through these assignments. This pretty much entails adding frozen peas to every meal. I have, however, started to do yoga every day. One of the really high number channels called Lamhe does yoga programmes every morning so the whole house gets up and has a bit of a stretch in front of the TV, including the rabbit. Unfortunately there are no photos as my housemates would actually kill me if I posted pictures of them in their pyjamas with their heads between their knees on the internet.

This post is reading pretty much as a list of random things I’m thinking about as I’m typing (in yet another break from my assignment) but I’ve also tried to watch Game of Thrones recently. Everyone I know is going on about it. To be honest I wasn’t really that bothered. Why does everyone think it’s that great? Seriously? It was alright but just way too sexist which I couldn’t (and personally, I think shouldn’t) get past. I have just finished watching the first series of Orange Is The New Black though which was really good but now I’ve run out of online series’ to watch! Probably a good thing until this assignment is handed in…

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