Shannon’s Blog – 16 May 2014

Hi guys,

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter break and is feeling rested and ready for the exam period! My 3 weeks off were so relaxing; I mostly spent them lazing about at home and spending time with my family, and in the last week I went to London with my friend Kate for a couple of days to see Billy Elliot the musical.

We stayed in a cute little hostel close to Victoria station and had a good wander around Covent Garden and loads of other places that I don’t know the name of… We also went to the London Dungeons, which were great! I’ve been before about 5 or 6 years ago, but they’ve moved since then to a bigger venue and they’re even better now. Billy Elliot was absolutely amazing. I just want to go back to see it again, it’s one of my all-time favourite musicals. On top of everything else, I had the best curry I’ve ever tasted in my life, so overall it was a really good 3 days to remember!

Shannon 5

Anyone that’s been reading this blog since September/October time will remember that I broke up with my boyfriend not long after starting university… well we finally got back together! I’m definitely happy about it, and it’s a lesson learned for me to share with anyone else whose relationship may suffer because of the stress of starting university – please persevere! Anyway, he was jealous of me going to the theatre in London so I decided to bring him along with me and my friend, Hana, to see Sweeney Todd at the SU.

The play was performed by the university’s musical theatre society and it was much better than I expected. Sweeney Todd is one of my other favourite musicals, so I was really glad that it was done justice; the actors/actresses were terrific and all stayed in character the whole time – despite the fire alarm going off multiple times! They recovered from it really well (there was no real fire) and managed to finish the show even better than they started it.

At the weekend I went out to Didsbury for drinks with my boyfriend and his friends, and then to 42s in town. I wouldn’t recommend going to Didsbury for drinks unless you’re loaded, because it’s pretty expensive. 42s was a good cheap night though, free to get in with a student card before 12am and cheap drinks as well as pretty good music.

Shannon 4

Bank holiday Monday was spent at the Trafford Centre, where I tried and failed to avoid spending too much money… But at least I got some good stuff out of it!

Shannon 3

That’s everything I’ve been up to really, now it’s time to get my head down and start revising for exams – I’ve got my first one on Saturday eeeek!


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