Philippa’s Blog – 16 May 2014

On Submitting

PhD Sibmission

Thankfully, this is about submitting the thesis rather than giving up! After 39 months of work, 78,000 words and 357 pages of thesis I’ve submitted! As I’ve said before, I have worked harder than ever before for the last eight months, and it is a tremendous relief to finally be able to take a breath now.

PhD List

I found completing the final stages of the document really very stressful, and the temptation to start a final round of proof reading the whole 357 pages AGAIN was strong. However, when I’d completed my to do list and printed the document on Tuesday I felt proud of it, rather than spotting hundreds of errors as I’d feared. I just hope my examiners agree…..! Anyway, I’m off for a lie down in a darkened room.


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