Katerina’s Blog – 16 May 2014

Poster Day Presentation

If you saw a person carrying a suspicious looking massive paper roll this Tuesday, you probably had the pleasure of meeting one of MBS’s Masters students getting ready for Poster Day.  What is a Poster Day you may ask? Well, it’s a day at where everyone presents their dissertation idea and the work they’ve done.  Up until now we have only spoken about it to our academic advisor and the Poster Day aims to get more people involved so that you can have a fresh set of eyes and much needed feedback.

Each of us designed an A0 poster to visually represent our research proposal. We were prepared to defend it in front of academics and course mates alike (as we were not only assessed by lecturers but also received peer feedback from other people on the programme).  Initially I did not want to put much effort in the poster as it carried very little weight in the assessment of the dissertation and I had a couple more deadlines in the days leading up to Poster Day.

However, once I started working on it I realized it wasn’t about the grade, it was about showcasing all the hard work I’d done researching as well as all the work I will do over the summer and I could no longer do it half-heartedly – I even admit on planning my outfit days in advance so that it matched the colours of my poster.

Kat 4

Surprisingly, the day itself was not stressful at all.  It was actually really, really enjoyable – the academics were circling the room in pairs (we were in the gorgeous entrance hall in Sackville Street Building) and were chatting with everyone looking genuinely interested and impressed. All the students looked very smart and it was apparent how much work had gone into every single poster.  It also proved to be a great idea in terms of research because as a result of talking to so many people about what I am doing (and what they are doing in the cases of posters I was peer assessing) I received a fresh perspective on things and it renewed my enthusiasm about moving forward.

After the official part ended, two things happened almost simultaneously – everyone started taking pictures of themselves standing next to their poster (not unlike the one above :D) and uploading them on social media, and making plans on how to celebrate.  A group of friends and I (on the picture below) decided to start by going for lunch in a very nice Greek restaurant nearby.  The food was delicious, the sun was shining and our next deadline was a week away – it felt like we had actually gone to sunny Greece for a quick holiday.

kat 5

We are very proud of this picture – it is effectively a selfie of 11 people

We tried some traditional Greek food, which was amazing! – special thanks to our lovely Greek Eleanna, who proved incredible useful in helping us decide what we wanted and negotiating the best possible deal for us. The best part was dessert though – Eleanna ordered something, which was pink, looked like Turkish delight, and was served on a tooth pick (that should probably tell you something about its size as well).  Needless to say, everyone’s attention was immediately drawn to it and, Eleanna being Eleanna, allowed us all to take a nibble.  The tooth pick circled the table and we unanimously decided it wasn’t our favourite (some even went as far as to argue it tasted like soap) so even after 11 people took a bite, there was still some left.

At the precise moment the left over pink thing reached the end of the table the waiter came and – surprise – the restaurant was giving us more of the pink thing as a gift!  The 5-minute laughing fit that followed received quite a few odd looks….

Overall, this was one of the most enjoyable days of my postgraduate degree so far and I really appreciate the fact that MBS organized it for us and let us share it with each other.

Lots of love,



P.S. If you are wondering what we did with the pink ‘present’ – we forced ourselves to eat it – the restaurant was so nice giving it to us that we felt really, really guilty leaving it there J

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