Katerina’s Blog – 28 January 2014

Electives, shopping and a broken dryer

Exams are over and we survived! 🙂 To celebrate that long-awaited moment, some friends and I went to the Trafford centre to shop and were more than pleasantly surprised by the massive semi-annual sales there.  If you haven’t been yet – go! The mall itself is quite impressive, I loved the atmosphere and the discounts are the best I’ve ever seen so it’s definitely worth the trip.

After rewarding myself with a shopping trip and a particularly lazy Saturday, it was time to start thinking about second semester electives.  I was expecting to have to force myself to do it and was quite happy to discover I was actually excited about my new subjects – I guess it is a combination of the joy of being able to pick subjects that I am really passionate about and the thrill of starting something new and unknown.  My first lecture of the term did not disappoint either – after the compulsory overview of the module itself (which, as you might have guessed, was not particularly exciting) there was a guest lecture by people from the TRO group (http://www.tro-group.com/), which was probably the best guest lecture I’ve sat through – the guys provided some great insight into what they did and how it related to our module.

Best part? Part of the assessment of the module is a group presentation in front of both the professors and the representatives of the company, which I think is very motivational as we can actually see how the theory we study ties into practice and we get the chance to interact with professionals from within the field we hope to go into.  The only issue with that particular subject is that it clashes with my job mentoring in the boys’ school so I had to give the latter up 😦 I am really, really going to miss the boys but I am sure they will get a wonderful new mentor for the second half of the year.

Also, we are getting our dissertation topics this week, which is another thing I am looking forward to as this will give me an idea of what I will spend the next few months researching.

The other major thing that has been occupying my time lately is doing laundry because all dryers in my apartment building are broken and my flat mate and I needed to come up with many creative ways of drying the clothes (and worse, covers and sheets) without one.  There was a point at which the living room resembled a jungle more than anything else and we had to resort to not using it at all while waiting for the repairman to come and save us.  As of the moment I am writing this, we are still expecting him/her and hopefully the dryer crisis will be under control by next week.

Lots of love,



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