Katerina’s blog – 25 October 2013

Teamwork and Taiwanese food

I know that I am a minority in feeling this way but I can’t help it – I simply love group work! It can be awkward at the beginning, it can be incredibly difficult to agree on times to meet as different and it can be very challenging but it is so rewarding once done!

Moreover, having people from different cultures and fields of study does usually lead to some very interesting discussions about the academic task at hand. Needless to say, I was very excited for our first group assignment, which was due last Friday and even more so when one of the guys on the team invited us all for lunch at his place after the presentation.

I had never tried traditional Taiwanese food before and was very impressed by both the delicious dishes and Bam’s incredible cooking skills – I highly doubt many people (let alone students!) can prepare more than 5 different dishes for a group of six.  Speaking of the group, here are some pictures of the food and our lovely team:

Kat 2

As you can probably see for yourselves, all the dishes looked and tasted wonderful but it was the special Taiwanese tea that left the biggest impression on me.  It is called bubble tea and looks like Earl Grey with milk poured over blueberries:


The ‘bubbles’ stay at the bottom of the glass and initially, we thought they needed to be dissolved in the tea so to everyones surprise we kept stirring until the host finally explained the bubbles are actually supposed to be eaten with a spoon while drinking the tea simultaneously. They taste like tasteless jelly and are made of sweet potato powder as we found out later. Apparently, bubble tea is very popular in many Asian countries but for someone like me who just got used to the idea of putting milk in the tea in the first place (in my home country we have tea with sugar and that’s about it), adding bubbles was just a little bit too much so I doubt I will change my morning ritual to drinking bubble tea.

Nevertheless, go have bubble tea if you ever have the chance – it is an experience in itself!


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