Katerina’s blog – 25 November 2013


One of my lecturers put some formative feedback up today and there are some disheartened marketing students out there.  You see, receiving feedback is incredibly tricky – the feedback we got was incredibly useful yet slightly harsh.  I guess we weren’t expecting a pat on the shoulder but we definitely weren’t expecting to get so hammered – the average mark he awarded was 45%, which is 5% below the pass mark.

However, the good news is that the lecturer had the goodwill and patience to go through the work with every single person and tell them what changes are needed in order to improve (the deadline is next week but we first submitted the essay 3 weeks ago to get that feedback), this is beyond useful.  Some are more motivated than before, which, I guess, was the whole purpose of the exercise but I think they are in the minority unfortunately.  Some people are either in denial or so disheartened they don’t want to look at their work anymore – it is quite hard to be critiqued especially for a group of students who have either just completed their undergraduate education with flying colours or have a number of years of relevant industrial experience (and you pretty much have to be the one or the other to get on a postgraduate course).

I, too, was quite upset at first but a couple of hours later I think it’s probably for the best – even if he was nitpicking. It’s better to put more effort in the next assignment we submit. So instead of spending the weekend at the Christmas market, which was my initial plan, I will have to go through quite a bit of editing and postpone the fun for a little while.

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