Katerina’s Blog – 25 March 2014

Group work

With most deadlines for semester two approaching, going from one group meeting to the next is the way most of us spend our time. Booking a library room is a rare luxury (as they all seem to be reserved for weeks on end), which results in many groups fighting for precious space in MBS West – if my group and I weren’t part of the room-hunting craze I would probably find it very amusing watching people race for empty tables in the cafe and seminar rooms.

Interestingly, I am not stressed about any of our presentation and I’m really enjoying most of the work – having picked modules that I am interested in, doing research is not a chore but something I am actually into.  In one of the projects, my group and I had to conduct interviews and analyse the findings. It was fascinating to look into the choices of clothing brands people make and developed my new found appreciation for qualitative research methods.

One of our presentations looks into Powerade (the sports drink), investigating the way the company markets its product and the comments customers post on different online channels. Funnily enough, no one from our group had ever tried the drink so our research started with a trip to the supermarket.  Now I can knowingly say that, like most other sports and energy drinks, I do not like Powerade.

At another meeting, while researching the possible sporting events for the brand to sponsor, we impulsively decided to sign up for a 5K marathon in the summer so that we had some motivation to exercise, even though we’ll have a lot of work on due to our dissertations. We even went as far as to try and order personalised matching sports bottles but, unfortunately, the promotion we found was over :/ However, we have three more group meetings before the presentation so we have plenty of time to come up with another brilliant idea … regarding our coursework of course! :))))

As you can probably guess, my course mates and I have become very good friends by now, which really helps dealing with all the stress and the work as there is always someone supporting you (and someone to go out with after a particularly hard submission). I feel extremely lucky to have met so many wonderful, intelligent and nice people from all over the world and to share this rollercoaster experience with them – both academically and personally.

I blame the first revision lecture of the semester for getting me so emotional as I realised that soon lectures will be over and we will start working on our dissertations more and meeting each other less. However, I am confident that a group of resourceful young people like us will find plenty of ways to have fun and entertain each other over the summer where both dissertations and ‘real’ life will be looming over our heads.

Lots of love,



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