Katerina’s Blog – 13 March 2014

The last few weeks have been extremely busy and extremely exciting at the same time – exam results came out (I passed all my exams!) and I went with my family to Athens for a weekend.

So, we got our exam results last week and I am very proud to say I passed everything, which has got me a step closer to graduating.  Timing wise, results could not have come out at a better time as I was flying to Athens to meet my family for a weekend that Friday.  Spending a weekend together in a foreign country has become somewhat of a tradition for my family for the past couple of years because we discovered it is a great way to spend some quality time together, while at the same time experiencing a new place.  We went to Paris last year and decided on Athens, Greece for this year’s trip as it is very easy for all of us to get there.

When I was looking for Universities I wasn’t paying much attention to things like airports but now I realise what a blessing it has been to have a big international airport close by.  Thanks to the many flights to and from Manchester airport I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries at a very low cost in the past couple of years. If you haven’t yet done so I highly recommend going on Easyjet/Ryanair’s web pages and having a look at the amazing offers they have.

So, I boarded the plane early Friday morning with little over two days to explore Greece before I had to return Monday morning for lectures.

Kat Greece 1

With my family in front of the Parthenon

Although it was a relatively short amount of time we managed to not only visit the Parthenon and Piraeus in Athens but also go to Mykinas (the city believed to have fought Troy over Helen of Troy) and see some of the countryside.  I really enjoyed Athens but fell in love with Mykinas – as I stepped on top of the hill and watched the mist fall  down on the city I really felt as if I was standing there thousands of years ago during its Golden age.

Kat Greece

With some family friends in front of Mykinas’s Lion Gate

One thing you can probably make out from the picture is that the weather was not what one would expect from Greece in March – instead of the sun and warmth I was dreaming of, I was greeted with pouring rain, which did not stop until I got on the plane to leave.   Ironically, that weekend Manchester was uncharacteristically sunny and warm (hopefully we are not going to return to the rain now that I am back in the country).  Having said that, Greece was very beautiful, even in the rain – we saw fields of orange trees in the countryside and even managed to buy some fruit, just picked from the tree (and, surprisingly, it tasted nothing like the oranges we buy from Lidl/Tesco).

Unfortunately, everything has to come to an end so I back in the library reminiscing about Greece and planning my next adventure.  Any suggestions? 🙂

Lots of love,



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