Katerina’s blog – 12 February 2014

What an exciting week it’s been! Three of my best friends came to visit me and I had my dissertation topic revealed!

The topic I will spend my summer researching is

*drum roll*

“The meaning of luxury and brands – A cross-cultural study of consumers’  perceptions of luxury brands”.

I am very excited about it – this was the topic I wanted as I am really interested in the way brands position themselves in different countries (did you know that when KFC first entered the Chinese market people would queue to get inside and would tell family and friends about the experience for weeks?) and the various attributes people from different cultures perceive to be important in a brand.  Hopefully being interested in the topic will help me stay focused as I have never had to concentrate on something as specific for such a long period of time (it is due in September) but I am optimistic about it and plan on not only working very hard but also enjoy the process of creating something from scratch as well.

The only thing left before I start working on it is meeting my supervisor, which is scheduled to happen in the next few weeks. I think I will be as nervous for that meeting as I would be for a first date, because making a good impression is very important given my supervisor will be the person guiding me through the whole dissertation process.  First will be the research and literature review, followed by primary data collection and then analysis and writing the whole thing down, and since I have never before produced anything as detailed or as big as a dissertation yet I think I will need that guidance.  The primary data collection bit is the one I am most worried about. If you stay in Manchester over the summer, it is highly likely that you will meet me somewhere on Oxford road handing out surveys for it come July (just kidding…hopefully).


The other massively exciting thing that happened lately was a few of my friends visited this week – two flew from Bulgaria and one travelled from London. We shared a lot of jokes, laughter and ice cream (Ben and Jerry’s is a must at girls’ reunions).  The four of us were housemates last year and it was nice to be together again. We all chose different paths after graduation – two went on to find jobs elsewhere and the rest of us continued our studies by doing a Masters, and one of my biggest worries was that once we leave University my friends and I would drift apart.  But it seems we might be able to hold on to our friendship, which I am really happy about. Not only did I have these three friends over for the week, but another one, who went back home to Singapore after we finished our undergraduate degree, is planning to visit Bulgaria soon as well (we just need to figure out a time when I could fly there as well and give her a tour).  To sum it up – as much as I value my undergraduate degree, I am also extremely thankful for the wonderful friendships I have established – thanks everyone! 🙂

Lots of love,



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