Eleanor’s Blog – 25 February 2014

Since I last posted I’m a year older, received my exam results, and been in an emergency ambulance in the middle of the night. An exciting few weeks!

This month I finally became a proper real adult, celebrating my 21st birthday. Not quite sure how I feel becoming 21 and knowing that I can now do anything (except buy over 50s life insurance and go on retirement cruises). I spent the day with my boyfriend in the Manchester Art Gallery, right in the middle of town but somewhere I’ve strangely never been before. We came back for a curry with my housemates who’d bought me some absolutely lovely presents, including a rabbit shaped-frying pan, socks featuring dogs wearing tiaras and a jigsaw consisting entirely of spaghetti hoops. Oh they know me so well. We then went on to Venue where I had a really good night, meeting up with our friends one of which was also celebrating his birthday on the same night. Not bad!

As I also mentioned at the beginning, I received my exam results and was rather pleased to find out I’d done alright. The late night revision paid off! Don’t know why it took me so long to discover the benefits of studying with someone, although given that I don’t live with anyone off my course (or indeed at my uni, everyone I live with is actually a student at MMU), it’s not so simple. Thankfully though the friends on my course have also discovered the same thing!

And now on to the interesting bit that everyone’s skimmed the above paragraphs to find details of, the ambulance! I’ll set the scene…

It was a normal night in the 3rd year house…2 of my housemates Tom and Ali were dancing in the kitchen, partly in fancy dress (Yes I really mean it, this is a normal night) when all of a sudden, a widely underplayed classic by Scooter, ‘jumping all over the world’ came on  through the speakers. Well, what’s Tom to do but start doing a strange complicated kind of two-step on the kitchen tiles? If you have completely no idea what I’m talking about, this is the song and the dance is approximately 50 seconds in.

Well, the tiles had only been mopped earlier that day and were pristinely clean and rather shiny. Tom’s socks and the odd patterned cape he was wearing proved a dangerous combination and before anyone knew it, with a bang he was in a crumpled heap on the floor.

After we’d all finished crying with laughter, we asked if he was okay as he crawled towards the sofa, staying knelt on the floor. All we knew was that he’d hurt his right leg, so much so that he couldn’t move. Well of course we didn’t think it was anything serious and offered some paracetamol and a hand getting into bed. But when he been on the floor for 45 minutes and he couldn’t stand up without screams of agony we decided paracetamol probably wouldn’t do the job, instead opting to call the very helpful NHS help number 111, who called an ambulance for us. The paramedics were rather amused by how the whole thing had happened, but Tom still couldn’t move his leg so within an hour and after his supremely skinny jeans had been cut off with scissors, Tom, Ali and I were in the ambulance.

As it turns out, he’d broken his hip and required surgery to put in 3 pins to hold it together, an injury more commonly seen in old ladies. The paramedics even came back to visit him in the hospital once they’d heard as it was so unbelievable. Get well soon Tom! He’s now out of hospital and back at home with his family for a few weeks, but we’re planning an excursion to go and visit him soon.

Hopefully this week will be rather less eventful and everyone can stay in one piece!

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