Eleanor’s Blog – 30 January 2014

Hi all,

I hope everyone’s exams went well! I’m a bit unsure about a couple of mine, so slightly nervous for the results! The past couple of weeks have found me hard at work revising.

I made the most of the University facilities and spent a lot of time in the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons. It’s a 24/7 building on campus with computers, spaces for group and individual study and private study rooms. It’s all rather stylish with incredibly comfortable sofas and armchairs. My friend and I adopted the ‘revise until 2am the day before the exam‘ technique and I have to say it worked better for some exams than others. I usually revise alone but it was a massive benefit having a study buddy to talk questions over with and check if our answers were right. We shall definitely be meeting up to study together more often!

Eleanor 2

Revision distractions at home consisted of this fluffy creature.

After exams were finished, I chose to celebrate by going to the Manchester Beer and Cider Festival at the National Cycling Centre with my housemate, Ali. The festival was inside the velodrome, with cyclists still training on the track as we were on the concourse in the middle. Sadly I didn’t see anyone from the British cycling team but there were some cyclists there that definitely seemed like they were fast enough! With over 300 beers and 75 ciders, we had a hard time choosing which ones to go for – I like beer but I’m definitely not a connoisseur of any kind. We ended up choosing the ones with the funniest names! It was a really fun and interesting event, a nice change from the popular cliché of students drinking for quantity not quality!

Eleanor 1

 I’ve had a really good time being back in Manchester as I’ve had the chance to relax between exams finishing and lectures starting again. It’s nice to sit watching rubbish daytime TV every once in a while! As I mentioned in my last post I got a lot of cake making equipment for Christmas, so I tested it out for my housemate’s birthday. I decided to make a Kenneth cake, he ended up looking a bit crazy but I was very proud of my handiwork.

Eleanor 3

 The vegetarianism thing is also going quite well (except for a beef sandwich I had at work but I didn’t even enjoy it, I swear). It’s hard changing my cooking habits to include meat-free recipes and having a meat substitute such as Quorn in usually-meaty meals. I’ll have to look at a few recipes!

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