Shannon’s Blog – 29 January 2014

Good afternoon!

I think today is the last day of exams, so I hope you are all confident that you’ve done well! And if not… don’t worry about it, there’s still this semester to pull your socks up!

All three of my exams went really well in my opinion, so I’m feeling very optimistic and I feel like I’ve started the new semester on the right note. So far I’ve had three lectures for my new modules and they all seem pretty enjoyable, so fingers crossed the last one will be as interesting. I’m also going back to my Wednesday night German classes from tomorrow onwards, but I definitely need to go over the stuff from last semester, otherwise I won’t be able to keep up!


Last Thursday it was my friend’s birthday, so we went for a few drinks at The Font on Thursday night, and then out to Factory on Friday night with a bigger group of people. Funnily enough, me and one of my friends didn’t make it to Factory and ended up staying in, and the others ended up coming home after giving up on the huge queues for Factory, 5th Avenue and Sound Control. Bit of a waste of time really, but we had a good time at the flat beforehand!

Shannon 2

With birthday and post-exam celebrations out of the way, I’ve had a nice relaxed weekend at home with my family and dogs (look how sweet they are!) before getting back to the grind.

Shannon 1

There’s a lot to look forward to at the moment: I’m going to a Rum Rebels event on Saturday where we’ll get to sample different rums and learn to make daiquiris; seeing Ron Pope and Wakey!Wakey! next Tuesday, Lauren Aquilina on the 14th and Orla Gartland on the 15th. Hopefully all will go well with the rest of this week’s lectures and seminars, and I’ll report back soon!

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