Eleanor’s Blog – 20 December 2013

Hello! Another semester is over and I’m now back at home in the hills. I finished placement with a good mark that I’m really pleased with, so now it’s down to work for my January exams!

Making sure I have plenty of time for relaxing as well. I went to Sheffield last weekend and saw the new Hobbit film, it was really good! My boyfriend can get migraines from watching 3D films so unfortunately we only had the 2D experience (something which I’m not sure I’ll ever let him live down) but it was still amazing. I loved Benedict Cumberbatch as the voice of the dragon, with Martin Freeman as Bilbo it was like Sherlock and Watson together again! (The actors from the BBC’s ‘Sherlock’ series? Just me? Alright…)

Eleanor's 1 (20 Dec)

With placement finished I stayed in Manchester a few days to catch up on a bit of work, do some cleaning and see everyone as I’ve not had a lot of time for that the past few weeks. It’s been really nice being able to go to bed past 9:30pm! Sadly I didn’t manage to squeeze in a trip to the Christmas markets, everyone I know had already been about 6 times and I didn’t really fancy them by myself. But being able to stay in a bit and snuggle up in my lovely living room with all this horrible weather has been nice.

Eleanor's 2 (20th Dec)

After a bit of an unwind in Manchester, it was back ‘home home’ for CHRISTMAS! Living quite close to Manchester, I’ve got the duty…no, privilege, of looking after our beautiful bunny Kenneth over the Christmas break. Everyone else is demanding daily updates and photos as they’re missing him so much! My mum and step-dad pretend they don’t want him here but even they can’t resist his fluffy little face. I’ve even had to take him into the Primary school my mum works at as she was going on about him so much to the children they wanted to meet him!

Elaenor's 3 (20th Dec)

It seems Kenneth is having a more active social life than me at the moment, I really need to get my head down and revise for my January exams and it being nice and quiet at home I’m hoping there’ll be plenty of chance for that. It seems there’s nothing else for me to say but Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I shall speak to you again in 2014! 🙂

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