Shannon’s blog – 10 December 2013

Hi guys!

The last week or so has been a lot less busy than usual now the majority of my essay deadlines have passed and my group presentation is out of the way, so I’ve had much more time to relax. That being said, I haven’t been very busy at all!

As I mentioned in my last blog I went to see 30 Seconds To Mars on 26th November which was A-MAZING! You Me At Six kicked the show off as the support act – I think this has to have been the 7th or 8th time I’ve seen them live over the years!

They also announced that their new album will be coming out in January and that they will be touring again as a headline act in March, so my friend and I have already bought our tickets for that and I will be looking forward to 30th March! 30STM were even better than the last time I saw them a couple of years ago, which I didn’t think was possible. Aside from their usual awesomeness, part of their set included performers: there was one guy stood spinning in a huge ring (I have no idea how else to describe it…) and also two guys jumping and flipping on a see-saw. Unfortunately, we were seated quite far back, so all of the pictures I have are kind of blurry…



Also, Jared Leto (the frontman of 30STM) has grown out his hair and as well as looking even more beautiful than before. I got a lovely 30STM t-shirt and a You Me At Six jumper, but they’ve been put away for Christmas, so I’ll just have to wait for them!


Last weekend I went to Chester with my Mum and her best friend for a spa and shopping weekend. The city’s supposedly been named the 5th most beautiful city in Europe, and I wouldn’t disagree – it’s gorgeous! We didn’t do much looking around in terms of the historical side of the city, but we stayed in a lovely 2-bedroom apartment above one of the shops on the high street and had a great time getting some Christmas shopping done before going to the Crowne Plaza Spa. Needless to say, the spa treatment was heavenly! I’m hoping to go back to Chester at some point for a better look around as it’s only an hour away on the train and it’s definitely worth the journey.

Little Court is getting more in the festive spirit now – we’ve got a big Christmas tree up in the dining hall and we had our Christmas dinner last Thursday, thrown by the Owens Park staff and the catering team. It was really nice, all of the tables were completely decorated and we all had hats and Christmas crackers, a free glass of wine and a 3 course meal – and Christmas music, of course!


Aside from that I really haven’t been up to anything notable, although a few friends and I have been looking at housing for next year which is pretty exciting yet stressful. We’re hoping to get somewhere sorted out before we go home for the Christmas break, so fingers crossed!

There’s only one week of uni left before the break, so there’s not too long to wait to catch up on sleep. After my 9am seminar on Friday I’m going to Wales for a long weekend to visit my love before finally going home to spend the holidays with my family – although I see my family every week anyway, I’m really looking forward to being home for a good few weeks.

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