Adam’s blog – 28 November 2013

Hi everyone!

Four essays down, two to go!

As the first semester of the academic year is coming to a close, students are beginning to turn their attention to any late essays that they have outstanding and preparing for the dreaded January exam period. Over the past two weeks, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time researching and writing papers in The University of Manchester’s Main Library in order to meet my own quickly approaching deadlines. Thankfully, I’m really interested in the fields of literature and linguistics that my assignments are focussed on, so it hasn’t been too arduous!

It’s my birthday next Tuesday so, at the weekend, my friends and I are going to take a rest from our University tasks and have a night out in Manchester. As quite a few people have lectures and classes at 9 o’clock on Wednesday morning, I thought it would be best to meet up for a few drinks at the weekend when we are all free!

There are some fantastic places to meet in Manchester’s town centre. Many of the city’s ‘student’ bars and clubs are located within walking distance from campus and the University’s halls of residence, making them convenient places to meet friends at before going out for food or drink. The beverages and nibbles that they serve tend to be really cheap and most have live sports on, creating a really good atmosphere on important match days!

At the weekend, I think we are going to bar just off Oxford Road called Dog Bowl, a New York themed bar that features five ten-pin bowling lanes and a number of full-sized pool tables, and The Font, a student favourite that offers some of the cheapest prices around town. Although I have never been to Dog Bowl before, it has been recommended to me many times from people around campus, so we’ve decided to give it a go.

Sadly, I’m awful at both bowling and pool; my hand-eye coordination is abysmal, and my balance is only marginally better! Nevertheless, I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge and shall be bowling fiercely in order to gain the title of Kingpin amongst my associates. I’ll let you know how I get on next week!



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