Shannon’s blog – 25 November 2013

Once again, I’ve left it way too long to write my next blog! Essay and presentation deadlines have taken up all of my time, and what little time I’ve had to spare has been spent out with friends.
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I celebrated bonfire night with some friends at Plattfields Park where there was a big firework display, a huge bonfire and quite a few fairground rides and food stalls. The firework display was amazing – it went on for about 20 minutes, but unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures… My friend Lizzie, however, did inspire me to take a lovely artsy-looking photo of a reflection of a ferris wheel in a puddle.

The rides and food were pretty expensive, but it was a nice night out with friends, and we even invested in some sparklers (even though, technically, we weren’t allowed them in the park – oh well!).
I paid another visit to the Royal Exchange theatre on the 7th to see Sweeney Todd with my friend, Hana. We’d only ever seen Sweeney Todd as a film before, so of course we jumped at the chance to see it on stage. Just like the last time, we were sat really close to the stage and definitely were not disappointed with the performance! The cast was brilliant, as was the orchestra. The orchestra was actually really small and was just situated on a balcony – there must have only been 5 or 6 musicians, but even so it was amazing. Again, I wasn’t able to take any pictures during the show, but here’s another snap of the set:
I had no idea what the show would be like on stage as opposed to the film version, but I found it really interesting how the beginning and end of the play were set in a mental ward with the patients telling the tale of Sweeney Todd. I would definitely recommend it if you get the chance to see it!

The following week was just too hectic to go out much or do anything besides university work, but I did go to the Christmas Markets last weekend with a few friends. We didn’t get around to seeing all of the markets because there are just way too many stalls to see in one night, but we did have a good look around and had some glühwein and bratwurst.
Speaking of German things, I had a few friends from my German class over last Sunday for lunch. I cooked sweet potatoes with spicy tuna topping – it looked a bit messy but tasted delicious! As well as my cooking, a few people brought over cakes, drinks and a big bar of toblerone to share out. It was really nice to spend time with that group of friends outside of class, plus we’ve arranged to go out for a Christmas meal before everyone leaves to go home!

Possibly the most exciting thing of all: I went to see The Lumineers at the O2 Apollo for the second time on Friday with an old friend. We saw them in February this year and they were just so brilliant that we couldn’t pass up the chance to see them again – they didn’t disappoint! They managed to play their whole album plus some new songs, and they had a little section in the middle where they unplugged all of their instruments and played a couple of songs completely acoustic and without microphones. I think that was the first time I’ve ever seen an acoustic performance like that, and it was just great to see how talented they really are.
S BP2I’m also going to see 30 Seconds To Mars tonight (I’m writing this blog on a Sunday), supported by You Me At Six. I’ve actually seen both bands quite a few times over the years but tonight will be the first time in a couple of years, so I’m really excited and I’ll have to let you know how it was in my next blog.
S BP3In other news, NaNoWriMo hasn’t been going too well as I’ve just had no opportunity to write in my spare time. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to complete the challenge, but the creative writing society is organising a ‘Write Night’ soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to make some good headway with my novel then.

A ‘Write Night’ is basically an event where the society gets together for the evening, starting at around 8-9pm , to write for hours on end. Of course, we’ll have breaks in between, but the aim is to keep writing until around 3-4am the following morning. This will be the first Write Night of the year, and the first one I’ve ever done so I’m really excited, especially because I’ve already made a start on my novel and can just continue with it.

That’s it from me for now, but I will be making a conscious effort to blog more regularly.

Have a good week!


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