Eleanor’s blog – 8 November 2013


The busiest time of year for a Speech and Language Therapy student has come round again and I’m out on placement, eek! That means 6am starts, sensible shoes and lots of research and planning, but I’m one week down, only five to go! Thankfully I get Fridays off to catch up with everything. I’m in a different setting every day of the week, which is hard work but it means I can get a really broad range of experience. I’m working with children, again, but this time I’m seeing a lot more children with special needs and autism, which is a group I’ve not worked with before, exciting! This is the longest placement I’ve ever had at 6 weeks long, but it means I can get really stuck in and hopefully get a real feel for the job.

Where I’m placed – up in Accrington – takes around 2 hours to travel by bus in the morning, and up to 3 on the way home depending on traffic. Honestly, I’m getting really tired already so I’m very glad to see this weekend approaching! The University is really keen to support us whilst we’re away, and I know if anything was getting too much I could just drop them an email and they’d be able to help me out. At the moment I’m coming home around 7, and I need to be in bed for half 9 as I’m exhausted. Still, the actual placement itself has been really interesting, its funny to see how different it is from last year and how much more confident I feel since then!

Apart from placement I can’t say I’ve been doing anything exciting really, we have assignments due in and exams in January so I’m trying to get some of that work done now so I can relax a bit over the Christmas break. Our landlord is absolutely lovely, and came round to fix a tap yesterday with a bag full to bursting with apples (they live on a farm and I’d casually mentioned once that I love making apple crumble) so that’s what we did! Sadly no pictures were taken, it was a messy business and took longer to clean up than actually make the thing. Also, we ended up eating it pretty much straight away, and before it was fully cooked… Worth it! It was amazing!

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep you filled in on how everything’s going on placement but right now I have some work to do, so bye for now 🙂

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