Shannon’s blog – 22 October 2013

Hello everyone,

Last week was super-busy with a combination of University work and paid work – there’s barely been time to do anything else, but I’m still chugging on!

I’ve come to a pretty stable rota for work now, so I’m generally working Tuesdays and Thursdays after my 9am lectures, but last week was just horrendous with regards to that. I had a list about as long as my arm of things to do on Tuesday that took almost 10 hours in total, so I didn’t manage to get any University work done on then… or Wednesday… or Thursday… Needless to say I had a very busy Friday, but I actually managed to get almost all of my university work done so I could put my feet up a bit at the weekend.

There are a few deadlines coming up for essays and such so it’s been a bit of a mad rush at times to get going with my essays and group presentation. My first essay is polished to perfection (I hope!) and submitted, my group and I have an outline for our presentation, and my second essay is soon to be underway. So, the moral of the story? One stressful week is not a setback – in fact, it feels so good to have got so much done in the past week that my motivation is renewed, so it looks like it’ll be a good week for me.

Due to the amount of stuff I had to do I didn’t actually go out much last week, although I did go to the Manchester Vintage Kilo Sale with a few friends! Even though I didn’t manage to find any clothes, it was a really good event. Basically, the concept is that you in and get given a lovely purple bag; you have to root through all of the bins and rails of clothing for any hidden gems and then get your bag weighed at the till where you pay £15 for each kilogram of clothing. There was also a load of jewellery on sale for decent prices too, so I found a nice locket and some earrings for only £10 – bargain!

S- Vintage
A few of us also went to Oak House Squirrels Bar’s open mic night on Friday. It was pretty mellow, but perhaps a nice change from the mindless drum and bass played at most clubs. We didn’t actually stay for long – we went back to our flat and watched hilariously irrelevant videos on YouTube and chatted until about 1am. It was a really nice end to a busy week!IMG_1054

Apart from all of that, I spent Saturday night at home with my family and came back on Sunday – pretty self-explanatory, really.

As always I hope everyone has a good week. Stay positive!

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