Eleanor’s blog – 22 October 2013

Top 5 Essentials for Surviving Third Year/University!

Hi everyone,

I hope Adam and Shannon have been keeping you company whilst I’ve been getting stuck into lectures the last couple of weeks! With my placement coming up, its been a mad rush fitting all my modules into the first 6 weeks of the semester. Which means a full timetable for me once again! I’m having to do all my preparation for the January exams and assignments now before the beginning of placement in just two weeks time!

Third year is proving to be quite a step up than the first two. Most courses are 3 years long meaning 3rd year is the final and all-important year. On my course though, its 4 years with the last 2 being at the same, extra-hard level! At least that means that I know I’ll be able to cope with the workload next year having had a taster of it in this one. There are definitely a few things that are helping me through and that seem to be even more important this year, so with that in mind, here’s my list of the top 5 essentials for surviving third year! Not to try and scare you or anything!

Number 1 – A diary/planner
I’ve managed the last 2 years with just jotting reminders and key dates down on corners of my lecture notes and in my phone, but this year having an academic planner is proving invaluable. There are so many things to remember and it’s a weight off my mind knowing they’re all written down in an orderly way so I definitely can’t forget them!

Number 2 – A tidy place to work
I’m used to my bedroom being an absolute tip, I have a lot of clothes and trinkets and bits and bobs that somehow end up all over my floor. I was getting by in the first and second year working from my bed, just with my laptop on my knee but the temptation to just watch a film online or check Facebook was always so strong! This year I’m making an effort to tidy my desk and have all my papers in order, it’s just quicker and easier and saves so much time browsing online shopping sites! I’m having a go at keeping the rest of my room tidy too. I can’t say it’s going that well…

Number 3 – Good friends
I was quite unlucky in the first year in that after I moved halls, it was a bit late and everyone had already formed really good friendships. I really could have tried harder though, everyone’s in the same boat knowing no one and you’ve just got to make a bit of effort. I have however acquired a lovely group of friends both to live with and on my course. The opportunity to blow off a bit of steam and just chill watching something rubbish on TV as a break from uni work and a chance to de-stress is very underrated. I don’t think I’d be coping so well living in that horrible, untidy house I had last year! Good friends on my course mean we can help each other out a bit and study together- I find it so hard to sit and read an article or revise for an exam by myself!

Number 4 – TEA
I love a good cup of tea at any time of the day. When I first get out of bed it wakes me up, when I get in from university, it perks me up a bit and when I’m doing work and getting stressed it can calm me down. I have millions of different types of tea bags from chocolate and banana to red berry to peppermint. It’s an excuse to have a break when I’m working, and is a bit of a fix when I’m wanting something sweet- far less bad for me than chocolate!

Number 5 – A good night’s sleep!
Not that I can say I’ve ever been a massive party animal and out every night, but this year has been a lot quieter on the going out front. I’m always better after a good 8 hours, and especially this year I’m not fighting to keep my eyes open in lectures (not that that was too common before…;))
Apparently knowledge and learning can consolidate whilst you’re sleeping, and it helps you to make better decisions the next day rather than rash ones in the evening. So hopefully things never look as bad in the morning as they might have done the night before!

I know these things seem pretty standard and obvious, but it’s amazing how easily they can be forgotten when you’re living away from home and you’ve not got your mum or whoever on hand to remind you. So I’m telling you instead! It can’t hurt to try and fit a few more fruits and vegetables in your shopping basket either!

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