Adam’s blog – 21 October 2013

Hi everybody!

My second year of studying English Literature and Linguistics at The University of Manchester has started and is now in full swing! One of the main differences between my first and second years of studying at University is the number of optional modules that I’ve been able to choose.

In my first year, I was only able to choose one optional course to study, whereas I have been able to selected half of my own modules this year, allowing me to learn and write about things that I’m especially interested in. For one of my modules that focuses on 18th century writings, the LitSoc (the English Literature society) has organised for us to go and watch an adaptation of Measure for Measure, ‘Desperate Measures’, that is being put on by The Manchester Shakespeare Company in the Northern Quarter, which should be great fun!83826

Unlike last year, I now live at home rather than in student halls of residence. Although I really enjoyed living away from home, I have chosen not to move out for my second year so that I could save some money, as I plan on travelling to a number of different countries around the world once I’ve completed my degree.

For the first week of term, I wasn’t too sure how I would like commuting for an hour in order to get into University for my lectures, but it doesn’t really bother me anymore. As soon as I’d created a routine, it was easy enough to get up in the mornings and make the trip! There’s also a free bus service that runs from the Manchester Piccadilly Station straight into the university campus, so I simply jump on that as soon as I arrive off the train.

On Wednesday, I’m going to a social event which has been put on for the University’s Student Ambassadors at a local restaurant and bar. Expect pictures (of the copious amount of food that I eat!) in my next blog post!

Have a good week!


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