Eleanor’s blog – 1 October 2013

Hi all!

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks and I know I always say that, but it’s true! I’m back into lectures now and enjoying life in Manchester, especially in my lovely new house with my friends. Last year was a bit of a learning curve living with people I didn’t really know, but now I’ve settled into an amazing little house with some wonderful people this year is definitely going to be better than the last one! I already feel more comfortable and motivated to get things done whereas last year I didn’t want to get out of bed because I knew if I went downstairs there would just be a horrible mess waiting for me. I know it’s early in the year for first years to be deciding who to live with in second year but definitely bear in mind how messy they are going to be!

Apart from walking around with no shoes on, being able to fit things into the bin without it overflowing all over the kitchen and other such perks of living in a clean house, I’ve also been straight back into third year lectures at University. For most degrees this would be the final year, but us SLTs just can’t stay away and come back for a fourth year just for fun! Well alright not just for fun as these next two years are set to be pretty tough. I have a 6 week placement coming up before christmas so lectures have been squished into the remaining time to make sure we are up to speed. Then it’s placement, Christmas, and exams straight after – eeek!

It’s not all hard work though as despite the busy timetable I’ve still found time to enjoy Manchester and some of the weird and wonderful things it has to offer. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we as a house were looking to get a pet, only after asking the landlord of course. After a little time on Gumtree (good for finding student jobs and some pretty good second hand stuff – be careful though not everything is legit) we had a fluffy new addition to the house.

Kenneth is a beautiful lionhead rabbit who’s very adventurous! Well anyway, my point is that we went to a nearby pet shop to try and find him some toys. Turns out they didn’t have a great selection of toys but they did have a giant tortoise, a few parrots and macaws, loads of puppies and kittens, rats, bald guinea pigs, quails, snakes, sharks, tarantulas, it was more like a zoo than a shop! There was definitely a bit of pet envy going on and we were pretty close to buying Kenneth a few little kitten friends, but I don’t think he would enjoy that very much.

EleanorThis year I’m also staying on at the pub I work at near my home in the High Peak, as it’s only a short train ride away. They’ve finally let me out of the kitchen and I’m now a waitress, which means I get to wear a lot nicer clothes to work.

Anyway, that’s enough of me rabbiting on (HA, rabbiting, get it?…), until next week! 🙂


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