Adam’s blog – 2 September

Hi everybody!

Firstly, congratulations to those of you who received the results that you wanted and have obtained places at the institutions of your choice. I’m sure that you will all enjoy your first year as much as I did!

I’ve been spending a lot of time working as a Student Ambassador throughout the academic break. Most of the events that I helped to facilitate have been campus tours and admin jobs for various staff members throughout the University. Like Eleanor, I also worked on the Manchester Access Programme (MAP) Life Conferences for its final two days, which turned out to be great fun!

A few of the ambassadors and I decided to go out for lunch earlier this week to one of the many restaurants that are abundant within the city’s centre. We decided to go to TOPs, a buffet that offers tastes of dishes from all around the world, ranging from British classics to Japanese sushi. The lunchtime menu had a lot of selection and the prices turned out to be incredibly student friendly.Adam's blog pic


After we had eaten, we decided to go and play snooker at one of the nearby pool clubs. Sadly, I’m not the best at the game, but I did manage to win one or two games (through luck, and definitely not skill)!

I can’t wait until university starts again and I can resume my studies. I’m slightly apprehensive that second year may be much harder than my first, but at the same time I’m excited about being able to study more modules that cover my specific interests within the fields of English Literature and Linguistics.



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