Eleanor’s blog – 15 July

Hello again!

I think I must have jinxed it in my last post when I said I would be doing “not very much at all” as I’ve had a very busy couple of weeks!

It started with me receiving my exam results and marks for the year and I’ve very pleased to say I’ve passed second year with a 2:1!

As I mentioned last time I’ve also been working at the Manchester Access Programme (MAP)  university life conferences which was loads of fun. Students on the Manchester Access Programme are invited to come and stay in halls of residence for a couple of days and work on a project. Complete with lectures, use of the library and library cards, university classrooms and theatres and of course a disco in the evening – it’s a really good insight into what university encompasses. I was a student on MAP myself and found it really useful! I also worked at the year 10 ‘Wise Up’ summer school, with around 60 14-15 year olds coming on to campus for 4 days. All the kids were from the local area and the aim was to showcase the university and inform them of the process and choices that come with doing a degree, explaining how and why to come to university. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and although it was a tough and tiring week, it was really rewarding and a lot of fun!
E- blog 1In between working I’ve managed to squeeze in to my schedule a trip to Chester Zoo. My boyfriend and I got the train there, which goes from either Manchester Piccadilly or Stockport. It was relatively easy and inexpensive to get there and the weather was lovely as well which was a bonus! I saw lots of animals (obviously…) but my favourites were the spectacled bear, the giant otters and the beautiful jaguars. Seeing as I have green hair now, rather a lot of the children there found me more interesting to look at than the animals! Maybe I should become a tourist attraction and charge people to look at my wondrous hair?
E - blog 2As well as all that, I went to the One World Festival in New Mills, near to where I live. It’s an amazing little festival with live music and speeches on political topics, with many charities holding stalls and giving information. I particularly liked the Oxfam stall as the local Oxfam shop saves up all the brightest, shiniest and most sequinned items throughout the year to sell at the festival, and those are my favourite kinds of things!

Now working at summer schools has finished, I’ll still be spending some of my time in Manchester as I’ve just got the keys to my lovely new house! I really love unpacking and decorating and arranging all my many ornaments and bits and bobs.

I may even have a bbq or two if the weather holds up!


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