Adam’s blog – 15 July

Hi guys!

I hope you’re well, and that your exams have all gone okay. Like Eleanor, I have been doing quite a lot of Student Ambassador work since I’ve got back from my holiday. I also worked on the Open Day events, but as a university Meet-and-Greeter at Manchester Piccadilly train station. (I was one of the people with the large ‘Ask Me’ signs!)

In the coming week, I am due to work on a range of tasks, from Year 13 Summer Schools to a Discover Engineering day, all of which are designed to get prospective students used to what it is really like to study at The University of Manchester. The week after, I will be working on a four-day summer school for potential engineering students, which include a residential stay over for both the learners and the ambassadors at one of our halls of residence, Hulme Hall. I was actually part of these summer schools last year as a learner, so it’ll be strange to act as one of the events’ facilitators!

Everyone has now moved out of Whitworth Park, and many of the international friends that I have met this year are back in their native countries. Thankfully, we have been able to communicate daily through technologies like Facebook, FaceTime, and Skype, making the three-month gap between our reunion slightly easier to handle. Because my second year doesn’t start for another few months, I might even try and go to visit them!

Until September, I’ll be reading, relaxing, and catching up with friends and, again, like Eleanor, doing not very much else at all! 🙂


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