Eleanor’s blog – 25 June

Hi all, I’m thoroughly enjoying my summer break, I’m relaxing, shopping, and doing some Student Ambassador work too.

I recently attended the Cockcroft Rutherford lecture, an annual lecture for alumni and donors to the University. As a recipient of an alumni-funded scholarship, (the Opportunity Manchester Scholarship I gained from completing the Manchester Access Programme) I am really happy to attend these events as a chance to thank the donors and show my appreciation for their help. I wouldn’t be able to attend the university without them!

This year’s lecture was called ‘In Place of War’ and was given by Professor James Thompson. It was a really interesting talk on arts and drama projects in war zones and places affected by conflict. It was something I’d never really thought about before but was very thought-provoking. The lecture was preceded by a ceremony for Manchester’s University Challenge team where they each received a medal of honour, after winning the contest for the University – it was our second victory for 2 years in a row! I was rather excited for this part as I’m a big fan of University Challenge- for anyone that doesn’t know, it’s a BBC show where teams from universities across the UK compete in a (ridiculously hard) weekly quiz. I’m so jealous of all the team members; I’ve always watched the show and dreamed of competing. Maybe next year, eh!

Last Friday and Saturday was the University’s open days, and I was there working as a bus tour guide for trips to Fallowfield to see the halls of residence. If anyone was there I was the girl with the green hair sitting at the front of the bus with the microphone! 🙂 It was really busy, with around 26,000 people in attendance over the 2 days. Hopefully we made a good impression! For any prospective students who didn’t get to attend, there are regular tours of the university campus on Wednesday afternoons, and another open day on Saturday 5 October. There’s also an Open House event in March where all the halls of residence will be open to view.

In terms of ambassador work for the rest of the summer, I’ll be working at the MAP life conference, as well as a year 10 summer school. The life conference is where MAP students come onto campus to complete a university-style project in a group, they also get to stay in halls and see what university life is like!

Until then it’s back to relaxing, reading, walking, cooking and doing not very much else at all!
Combs Moss
P.S. Here is a picture I took from the top of Combs Moss, a hill near where I live that was the site of an iron age hill fort. There’s only slight evidence of the castle left, but the view from the top is lovely!


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