Adam’s blog – 10 June

Hi guys!

All of the exams have finally finished – my first year at the University of Manchester has been completed! I’m currently writing from the beach of Gümbet, Turkey. Like Eleanor, I decided to celebrate the end of my first year by spending two weeks abroad and, as most schools do not finish their academic year for a few more weeks, there are some fantastic deals available! Many of the students who live in university-owned accommodation are able to stay in their flats until the 20th, giving them ample time to make arrangements on how they are going to move their possessions back home, or to find a place to hold them until their next academic year begins (as I live close to University, I’m hoping that some of my friends will be available to help carry some of the load once I’m home!). It is also possible to extent your contract if you wish to; if a student has been able to obtain a placement opportunity (like Eleanor has) or has a job in Manchester,  this option could be especially appealing, as it allows students to gain vital practical experience of within their desired career field.

Thanks to my job as a Student Ambassador, the university has been able to provide me with work over the holidays. The University of Manchester runs a number of summer schools and open days through until September, which further provides chances for both undergraduates and postgraduates to gain money and knowledge. I’m working on a number of multi day events, such as the Manchester Access Programme and the institution’s open days as ‘Purple Person’; one of Manchester’s representatives.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions that you have if you’re visiting us over the summer! 🙂



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