Eleanor’s blog – 4 June

Now I’ve finished exams I am half way to becoming a speech and language therapist

Second year is over, and now summer has begun! I’m back at home after lugging all my stuff into my stepdad’s car and looking forward to 3 months of relaxxxxxxing. I’ll also be working, at uni as an ambassador and back in the pub I worked at before uni, so it’s not all lying around. I’ve not been doing anything particularly exciting, just making the most of the b-e-a-u-tiful weather at the moment, going on walks and sitting in the sun. I am very much enjoying being back at home, I love living in Manchester but it’s nice to be back in the countryside for a little while.

I’ve also decorated my bedroom, having spent all last summer decorating and with plans to decorate for my Grandma soon, I’m getting not half bad at it. I still end up with myself and the floor being covered in more paint than the wall, but that’s not important…

I’ll hopefully be going on holiday with my boyfriend which I’m very excited about! There’s loads of cheap holidays of all kind on websites such as Groupon, a daily deal website with new offers every day. We’re thinking a city break just for a couple of days, which, if you do a bit of searching, can cost as little as around £70 each, including travel! Perfect for a student budget, and meaning I don’t have to take a long time off work as well.

To raise a bit of extra cash for the holiday, I did a carboot sale last week to get rid of some of my unwanted stuff. I have far too many clothes and could probably do 3 or 4 carboot sales and still have a packed wardrobe left over. I did quite well and sold a lot (although I’m just seeing it as more money and space to be able to buy loads of new things!). I love carboot sales, as I’m sure I’ve said before I really like recycling and giving unwanted items a new home! I’m sure I’ll find time for a few more carboot sales, both buying and selling, over the summer!



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