Adam’s blog – 10 May

Hi all!

I hope the revision is going okay! The weather in Manchester has been fine this week; the sun has finally come out!

The University campus is, once again, buzzing as everyone’s end-of-year exams and coursework deadlines rapidly approach. Since it’s been hot outside, many residents within Whitworth Park have been sitting around campus and enjoying the Mancunian rays whilst they revise (…which makes a change from the usual hotspots of the University of Manchester Library and the Learning Commons!).

My first exam is on the 22May so, like Eleanor, I’m currently busy revising key topics and ensuring that I’ve covered all of my courses’ material. Thankfully, all of my tutors have provided students with additional revision resources, such as quizzes, worksheets, and extra readings that all focus on areas of the course that students, both past and present, have found difficult to understand.

In the exam season, tutors also extend their office hours, providing students with more contact time than usual. Office hours are a perfect opportunity for students to talk, either alone or in a group, to the member of staff who is leading their modules. By attending individual one-to-one meetings, the informants are able to give more detailed answers to any questions that students may have. As most of the staff within the university are active researchers themselves, they are able to provide an up-to-date perspective about the subject in question.

From my own experiences, I have found that spending time discussing issues and working through practice exam papers with members of staff proves to be incredibly helpful.

Mentors are also useful for more administrative advice, and guidance on how to progress through the various levels of your degree programmes. Over the next few weeks, all current first-year and second-year students are required to choose the modules that they wish to pursue in the coming academic year. As I am a joint honours student (half of my degree is English Literature, and the other half is Linguistics) I have to ensure that all of my options work together, and that none of the lectures clash with each other. Course directors and academic advisors are the perfect contacts to see in order to ensure that your degree programme is as enjoyable as possible.

Best of luck to everyone who has exams and coursework deadlines in the coming weeks. Remember: the short-term pain of revision is worth its long-term gains! 🙂


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