Eleanor’s blog – 1 May

Hello again!

Last week I was working as a student ambassador at an NHS cadets discover day. I worked at the same event last year, but it was an opportunity for college and 6th form students who are NHS cadets to get an insight into what studying at Manchester on a healthcare course is like, along with entry requirements and tips for applying. I was charged with giving tours of the campus, completing 6 tours in all and I actually ended up sun burnt by the end of it! Made a bit of a change to all the snow we had recently, hopefully the weather will stay a bit better.

With it being the last few weeks of lectures, there’s a lot to do for getting ready for leaving Manchester and handing in the last few pieces of work. I’d completely forgotten I have a huge portfolio to hand in at the start of May so that’s a whole other piece of work I didn’t even know I had! We’re also leaving the house we’ve lived in this year for a different one, also in Withington but this time for 5 of us- the 2 girls I live with at the moment along with 2 friends we’ve met over the last 2 years. This year, I was living with people we’d met from a forum on the internet as none of us had a houseful of people to live with- I moved halls in my first year and by the time I’d become friends with the people from my new halls they’d already chosen houses and households. This year has mostly been fine, but I’m looking forward to living with proper friends next year, it’s fair to say all the boys I live with have different standards of what constitutes a ‘clean’ house than I do!

I’ll be moving a lot of my things out at the end of lectures, coming back for exams and to pick up the rest of my stuff at the end of June when I move into the new house, just purely because I’ll revise a lot better at home in a lovely clean house  -with free electricity – Thanks Mum… but a lot of people choose to stay at university throughout exams and sometimes during the summer as well. That’s probably something I’ll do in July and August when I’m rearranging and unpacking in the new house! 🙂 There’s also talk of maybe getting a pet rabbit or two between us next year which will be very exciting! Getting a pet at university isn’t a decision to take lightly, we’d need to make sure there was always someone to look after it and spend time with it (and clean out the hutch) in the week and the weekend as well. A few of us have had pet rabbits before so know how to look after them and keep them happy. We’ve specifically asked the landlord if we would be allowed, and the current tenants have a rabbit which we saw when we went to view the house. I’ll be in Manchester for my 4th year and two of my friends plan to stay in Manchester after their 3rd year as well so there’d be someone to stay around to keep the bunnies happy. Some of the names being banded around the moment include Avril Lavigne, Sabrina the teenage bunny witch, and Barbara. We’ll keep thinking.

Also the 2014 entry University of Manchester prospectus is now available, featuring yours truly! I’m famous 🙂


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