Eleanor’s blog – 22 April

Hello everyone!

I’m back in Manchester after a lovely Easter break at home ready for my last few weeks before I complete my second year. Easter was a good time to relax before the exam period coming up in March, and I spent a fair portion of it eating chocolate eggs. I also went on a 12 mile walk around two of the reservoirs in my area (why? I will never know as towards the end I felt like I needed carrying home) and was hoping to do a bit more walking but those plans were scuppered by SNOW – in March… A white Easter?! It’s been freezing! On the rare occasion I did manage to leave the house (this is the countryside remember, when I say snow I mean A LOT of snow) I ventured out to Buxton, of Buxton Water fame, the nearest town to where I live. Although I’ve lived in the area all my life, I had a touristy day wandering round the Pavilion Gardens and visiting the spring water from which is now drunk in bottles up and down the country. I also went in a lovely second hand bookshop, spread over five floors with books of every age and genre, it’s a great place to get lost and spend an afternoon!

Eleanor's bookshopAll the snow did give me a great excuse to stay inside and complete my uni assignments, I had two to finish over the three weeks I spent at home. So apologies for not posting anything sooner, my mind has been full of dysarthria, phonemes, augmented communication devices, phonetic inventories and lots and lots of referencing. I came back to Manchester a few days before my lectures began again to beaver away in the library and to use some books from the high demand section. Often, important and sought-after books are found in this section and can only be taken out for a few days or a few hours at a time to allow others to have a chance to read them as well. Luckily for me I was done with my high demand books after just a few hours so was able to return them for some of my fellow SLT students to use for their assignment too!

With those assignments finished, it means I just have one more piece of work to hand in and three exams before my second year is officially over! Scary stuff!


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