Adam’s blog – 10 April

Hi everyone!

I hope you have had a nice Easter, and have enjoyed your break from studying! The Insight to Geography day turned out great! A lot of students from nearby colleges came to find out what the subject is like at university-level, and many left the workshop with aspirations of seeking further knowledge in the field.

For the majority of the Easter break, I have been living back in my hometown.  Most students tend not to stay in University accommodation over holiday periods, although many – myself included – opt to return a week or so before lectures resume in order to finalise assignments, read set texts, and catch up on revision notes from previous weeks.

As it is nearing exam season again, the university is becoming much busier; areas such as the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons and the University of Manchester Library are being visited more frequently by students from all disciplines and schools of academia. Thankfully, the newly built learning commons and the sheer size of our main library gives enough space for revision to anyone who wishes to do it – there are always computers open for use, and course books that feature required readings are still available days before exams. These spaces are also both 24/7! (…Which is great for late night revision sessions with friends – trust me, it’ll happen!).

It was one of my flat mate’s birthdays this week, so we decided to head into town. As Eleanor has mentioned in a number of her posts, Manchester has a great nightlife; the city features every form of entertainment that one could want in a relatively compact and easily accessible space. Aside from the many restaurants, pubs, clubs, and festivals that take place, Manchester boasts both impressive sport and cultural heritage.

Although football is widely recognised as our greatest export, cycling, cricket and swimming are also dignified, providing sporting action to anyone who desires it! The university hosts an array of societies that ensure that students can find like-minded individuals to competitively play or casually train with; from dodgeball to Latin dancing, the groups allow people to connect frequently and enjoy the recreational activities that they most enjoy.

Culturally, there are vast assortments of performance-based locations available to both watch and participate in dramas, orchestras, or even operas. The Contact Theatre, located centrally on the University’s south campus site, is utilised by students to host performances, many of which are free to watch!

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