Eleanor’s blog – 21 March

Hello it’s me again 🙂

Apologies for my lack of a posting, last week saw me give two presentations, sit an exam, start writing an assignment, write up some work for a seminar and just about have time to do some Student Ambassador work. There’s always a flurry of activity before any kind of break from lectures, as is coming up soon with the Easter break. I can’t believe 2nd year is nearly over already!

Apart from all that Uni work, last week went by pretty uneventfully. As a nice break from doing work, I went for a swimming session at The Aquatic Centre on Oxford Road. Built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games, it houses an olympic size swimming pool as well as a a training pool, diving area, gym and fitness studios. If you show your student card you get a discount as well which is always nice. I haven’t been swimming in so so so long, and I realised that I was genuinely the slowest person in the entire pool. Including all the children and old people that were there. I went with my housemate and she was literally able to walk alongside me in the water. I think a bit of practice would do me good!

Something which I don’t think I’ve mentioned in my blog before is the fact that almost every other weekend throughout 2nd year I’ve been hopping on a train to Sheffield as my boyfriend is at university there. It’s probably a big worry for a lot of people who are in relationships that once you go off to uni it’ll be really hard not seeing your boyfriend/girlfriend if you end up in different places across the country. Not going to lie it can be a bit hard sometimes, especially if one of you is feeling down or in a bad mood and the other is busy or unable to do anything to help. We’ve managed pretty well so far, with things like skype and obviously texts and phonecalls. We see each other most weekends with Manchester and Sheffield being only a train journey apart, and booked in advance with a 16-25 railcard it’s not more expensive than any other weekend activity would be really!

I think if we’d have been going out at the beginning of 1st year, as freshers it would have been far more difficult to make time for each other as that’s when you have to be busy making friends and finding your feet. It can work out just fine though, so don’t despair if that situation is looming for you this September! Sometimes I even think it’s slightly preferable to not live in the same city, this way we still have time to spend with our respective friends and get work done without being in each others’ pockets all the time. If we break up at least we won’t have to see each other around uni afterwards(!).


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