Adam’s blog – 15 March

Hi everybody!

This week, I have worked on The University of Manchester’s Gateway Programme with a number of other student ambassadors. The University of Manchester’s Gateway Programme is a course that targets students from years 8-11, raising their awareness of possible career paths that are available to them post-school. As many young students do not know what jobs they would like to pursue, Gateways events are designed specifically to highlight some of the prospects that are available to them, such as higher education, apprenticeships, and job routes, while giving students who are considering university the opportunity to come onto campus and experience the life of an undergraduate for the day!

Groups can usually choose two of three different workshops to experience. Each workshop highlights an aspect of one of the three main umbrella divisions of subjects that are available at our institution; humanities, life sciences, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Humanities workshops vary from sociology activities that encourage pupils to think about concepts, such as stereotyping and social hierarchies, to creative writing lessons that explore ideas surrounding narrative structures and plots. The life sciences workshops are usually more practical, and involve modelling certain processes that occur in our bodies, such as how the respiratory system works, and the effects that consuming fatty foods can have on our arteries. The STEM sessions explore areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, encouraging students to reflect on how machinery that is used in society is fashioned, and what future developments are likely to be researched in the future.

Aside from looking to increase students’ awareness of possible degree choices, UoM’s Gateways Programme also helps to develop transferable skills such as teamwork, independent enquiry, and creative thinking. Often, attendees are mixed between schools to encourage interschool communication, which I feel is highly beneficial to them; being able to mix with people that you don’t regularly talk to becomes second nature at university!

Apart from working, I haven’t done very much this week! I’ve got a coursework deadline soon, so I’ve been doing a lot of reading to ensure that my essay is as good as possible. I’ve also got an ‘Insight to Geography Day’ tomorrow, so I’ll let you all know how I get on!

Enjoy your weekend, readers! 🙂


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