Eleanor’s blog – 6 March

Hello again!

Coincidentally, I also visited the Manchester Museum this week, with hopes of telling you about it but it seems that Adam has beaten me to it! I’m sure his recount is more proficient and eloquent than mine would have been anyway. Just as an extra, whilst I was there, parts of the museum closed early because they were hosting a wedding, I never knew you could do that!

Anyway, apart from the Museum, I’ve also been doing rather a lot of uni work over the past week. The next few weeks for 2nd year SLT students are looking a bit manic, so it’s a mad rush to get everything done now!  As with any course there’s bound to be times where you have more work to do than usual. This also means there’s a bit less pressure for us around exam time in May which will be nice. With Easter coming up I’m having a big push to get everything done so I can spend some time relaxing at home.

As my job as a Student Ambassador I helped out at an event last week with Brian Cox, only the famous TV scientist and ex-rock band member, who just happens to be a professor of Physics here at The University of Manchester. The event was in co-ordination with his programme that’s currently on BBC1, Wonders of Life.  After a screening of the programme, he and Professor Matthew Cobb, a professor of Zoology did a Q&A session with the audience, which was really interesting. Some of the answers (and sometimes the questions) went right over my head but mostly I think I understood the science they were explaining. The programme is really interesting too; if you haven’t seen it, check it out on BBC iPlayer.Brian Cox - Wonders of Life
It seems like it’s been a busy week for me, as well as that, I was knee-deep in house viewings last week, choosing a house for 3rd year already! After a lot of trawling the internet, we found a few houses to view, one of which we all thought was amazing so we snapped it up right there and then. It’s important when moving out of halls or into a new house that you can trust the landlord and you know all the important stuff about the house you’re moving into, the price, cost of bills, the location in relation to uni/bus stops, the central heating, whether there’s loft/cavity wall insulation, double-glazed windows, and you should always go and see the house before agreeing to move in. If possible, ask any current tenants about the house and the landlords. Manchester Student Homes is a website run by the University in conjunction with Manchester Metropolitan University, Salford University and a number of other institutions around Manchester. All the houses advertised have been inspected and checked to be of an acceptable standard, and the website offers useful advice and information on moving into a house. I would advise everyone to find their house through Manchester Student Homes!

Last but certainly not least, I went to two gigs this week, one being Reel Big Fish at The Ritz, which was amazing and full of so much energy. I also went to a small gig at Retro Bar, on the Northern Campus of the university, to see my friends’ band Securing Charlie play their first ever gig! The band consists of 4 of my friends from home, and it was really nice to see them again and cheer them on! I’d never listened to them before so I was praying they’d be okay and they were actually really good. Hopefully Securing Charlie is destined for great things! 🙂


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