Eleanor’s blog – 19 February

I’m well into semester 2 and starting to get to grips with all my new subjects! One of which, Clinical Phonetics, I have an exam coming up in March for, which in a way is good because it’s outside of the normal May-June exam time, meaning less pressure when that comes around.

Apart from Uni over the past couple of weeks I’ve been up to rather a lot, as I celebrated my birthday in the first week of February 🙂 I’m STILL having to go home for driving lessons (but hopefully not for much longer!) so I was able to see my family a little bit, and my 11 year old step-sister made me a lovely birthday cake. It was back to Manchester the next day to celebrate with a takeaway curry and a night out to Propaganda at The Ritz.

Eleanor's cakeAlso, very excitingly, I went to the Palace Theatre to see The Lion King, and it was truly amazing. It was so clever how they created all the animals and costumes, at some of the scenes it took me a while to even realise there were people inside! The Palace Theatre is just at the top of Oxford Road, conveniently enough the same road as The University of Manchester. I’m really getting to grips with Manchester now (it’s only taken a year and a half!), and I can almost say I know my way around this vast city. Hopefully by the end of my 4 year course I’ll know every street.

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, in our house by inviting some friends round and making some lovely pancakes.

Eleanor's pancakes

My friend attempted to make the batter, but his pancake turned out to be more omelette than anything else, so I tried to rescue it a bit by adding more milk and flour. The plan was to each have a go at frying- and flipping- our own, but after one was dropped down the back of the cooker I took on the duty of being pancake chef. They didn’t turn out too badly either!

Eleanor's pancakesI also had a lovely visit from a friend from home last week, who was up North visiting his family as he studies at Oxford University. We, along with my housemate Ali, went for a few drinks in the Northern Quarter to catch up since the last time we saw each other!

The Northern Quarter is a place we’ve never really explored for going out in the evening; it’s the home to lots of vintage shops (which I have to say I can frequently be found scouring the rails in) as well as loads of cool looking bars and pubs. Slightly more expensive than the more student-friendly bars in Fallowfield, but maybe a tad more sophisticated and dare I say it, ‘trendy’. It was really nice to hear what’s been going on whilst we’ve all been away at uni, everyone starts out with such good intentions in the first year to go and visit each other but inevitably some people lose touch. He went home again with the promise of an invite for me and Ali to go and visit Oxford so we shall have to see!

Hopefully it’ll be another busy week this week, and I’ll be back soon to tell you all about it 🙂

Eleanor xxx

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