Adam’s blog – 18 February

Hi all!

Xinniankuaile! (Happy New Chinese Year!). 

As many of you may be aware, last week marked the start of the new Chinese calendar! To celebrate, my friends and I travelled to Chinatown in order to participate in the festivities. 

Manchester’s Chinatown is renown for its bubbly atmosphere and its wide range of eateries. Located 10 minutes from Whitworth Park Student Accommodation in the city’s centre, it’s the perfect place to go to experience and become engulfed by the most authentic cultural events in the North West. Being the second biggest Chinatown in the UK and the third biggest in the whole of Europe, the atmosphere definitely didn’t disappoint! 

At around 8pm, my house mates and I were invited around to a neighbouring flat to eat Chinese food made by a group of international students that have chosen to study at UoM for the second year of their degree programmes. A variety of dishes were made, ranging from the traditional dumplings to extravagant recipes that are specialities to the distinct of Shengdu, my friends’ hometown.

Later that night, we headed down to the city centre to watch the celebrations and experience one of the many karaoke nights that were being held within the area, as well Chinese delicacies, such as Baijiu (Chinese white wine).

With the bus back costing only a little over £2, it was both easy and cheap to get back from town at any time! 

Adam 🙂


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