Adam’s blog – 4 February 2013

Hi all!

I hope you’re okay, and that any January exams that you may have taken went well. All of my exams are finally over so, like Eleanor, I’ve been able to relax a little more than usual. Sadly, I stayed at Whitworth Park when the blizzards fell across the country, and Manchester wasn’t affected by the heavy weather, so I missed the heavy snowfall. 😦

As the first semester has ended and all of our exams have been taken, many of the international students that stayed in the university’s accommodation are heading home next week. Before they return to their home universities, we are hoping to go on a few nights out in order to celebrate our new worldwide friendships! With The Curry Mile so close to our housing, we will probably venture down and take a look at the many different restaurants that are on offer. The Curry Mile is a name given to a busy section of Wilmslow Road that runs through Rusholme, featuring a high concentration of take-aways and kebab houses that offer food from all over the world. Within a mile of road, there are over seventy different eateries offering everything that a student could possibly wish to eat, making it a popular destination amongst both University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan students.

We are all quite sad that our friends are leaving, but thankfully, they are arranging a return trip to the UK next year. With modern technologies like Skype and Facebook, it’ll be easy for us to keep in touch!

This week, we had introductory lectures that built on what we had studied last semester whilst offering us insight into what we are expected to learn for our second series of exams in May. Although the content looks more difficult, the material is starting to become much broader, encouraging us to research and learn about ideas that are not covered in lectures in order to reinforce our own understanding of concepts and theories.

I have also been selected to act as a student ambassador on the university’s Gateway programme in next four weeks, where I will be acting as a link between UoM and potential students that are thinking about entering into higher education. It will be my responsibility to share my experiences, lead campus tours, and support staff to ensure that you are all as informed about student life as possible. I might see you around if you’re coming to an event at the university in the coming weeks!

Adam. 🙂


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