Eleanor’s blog – 31 January 2013

Hello again,

Now all my exams are finished I’ve had a bit of time to relax without feeling guilty about having to revise! I spent my time at home because we also had a lot of SNOW! I love snow, but it never sticks in Manchester. It was very deep in the Peak District, and so beautiful! It only lasted about a week though, as it was washed away by a massive thunderstorm. I’ve never seen lightening at night before, it looked like something from a film!

Eleanor's photo

Now, I’m back in Manchester sans-snow, and semester 2 has started already so I’m back to lectures with new modules as well so all new topics and subjects to get acquainted with; such as developmental speech disorders and psycholinguistics. I’ve also been out and about this week celebrating my bit of freedom from exams, including a night out at Joshua Brooks where I haven’t been in ages, as well as 2 trips to the cinema at The Printworks in the middle of town, to see Life of Pi and Django Unchained. Both were really good, Django had a lot of blood and guts! My housemate Ali and I are planning a trip to see Les Misérables soon as well, which by all accounts is amazing!

Last Friday we went to a gig at Trof in Fallowfield to see a band called By the Rivers, who were reeeeaaally good. We’ve tried to go and see them in Manchester before, but ended up getting the day wrong and being very disappointed! It’s the first gig I’ve been to in ages (anyone who read my blog last year will know I never shut up about them) and it was really small and cute. A friend from halls last year’s band was also performing, but sadly we arrived too late to see them 😦 We had a good chance to catch up with her afterwards though 🙂

I’ll keep it short this week as I’m currently writing to you from the common room in a break, and I have a lecture to rush off to.

Until next week! 🙂

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