Adam’s blog- 18 January 2013

Hi all!

I hope you’ve had a good Christmas and a fantastic New Year! I was the first person to return back to Whitworth Park. I got back to university quite early, as I’ve had quite a lot of coursework to complete and exams to prepare for. I’ve had two extended pieces of writing for my English Literature modules; one piece for my ‘Reading Literature’ that serves as the foundation course for degree-level literature studies, and the other for ‘Mapping the Medieval,’ a module that looks at the poems Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in detail, whilst analysing the historical and cultural aspects that existed at the time of the texts’ production. My three exams are all from the Linguistics side of my degree, which mostly includes aspects of phonology, semantics, and grammar (…This is exciting for a prospective linguist. Really!).

In the approach to the exam season, Whitworth Park has quietened down as everyone has started spending their nights in the University of Manchester Library or the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons; buildings that are dedicated to providing students with every facility they could ever require in order to obtain their full potential in the assessments. Thankfully, the doors to the University library are being left open throughout both day and night, allowing students to borrow books, access the university’s online databases and revise at whatever time best suites them.

Personally, the 24/7 opening times have been a godsend to me. In the past couple of weeks, my friends and I have been revising at night, as the library tends to be less busy, and it’s much easier to get a computer for typing up essays, or a group study room to revise in groups. There’s a great number of computer clusters and spaces to reread revision notes within both the library and the Learning Commons, so it is usually possible to get comfy seats somewhere in these buildings. There are even multiple vending machines and shops on-site, in case people are in need of a caffeine shot during a late night revision session.

Quite a lot of my college and secondary school friends were back home in Manchester for Christmas, so we spent a few evenings out enjoying the nightlife and entertainment that the city has to offer. The town is renowned for its diverse culture that caters to the tastes of every student. We spent some nights playing pool at my accommodation’s bar (only 20p a game!) and the Students’ Union, whilst on other nights we explored some of the more lively clubs and pubs that Oxford Road has to offer.

At the moment, however, it’s all about revision! Best of luck to those of you who are sitting January examinations!



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