Eleanor’s blog – 17 January 2013

Hello! And Happy New Year to you all πŸ™‚

I have been off at home in the Peak District, sadly not revelling in the snow for most of my Christmas break, but revising for my January exams instead!

If you can cast your minds back to my last post, I know it was ages ago, I mentioned a big party that my housemates and I were having. I’m glad to say, it went really well! Nothing was broken and the neighbours didn’t get annoyed, and everyone had a good time. Can’t say I had a good time trying to clean up the next day though!

Shayne WardBefore I broke up for Christmas and finished my first semester of second year, to get into the Christmas spirit I went to a carol service at the Manchester Cathedral. It was in aid of the Air Ambulance charity, and was a really lovely evening, got everyone feeling Christmassy! There was Paul Crone off of the telly, a choir, students from Chethams (the school of music based next door to the cathedral) and performers of Christmas songs, including Shayne Ward off the first series of X Factor. My housemate was particularly excited about this, and ran up to him straight after the service for a photo.

I also passed my driving theory test in December, so I’m one step closer to becoming a proper driver (although I’m nowhere near getting a car). I was so so so nervous going in, mostly because I couldn’t really afford to take the test more than once! Having driving lessons at the same time as being at uni has really had an effect on my bank balance, but I’m managing. Living on a budget is really easy if you’re used to it, and I daresay most students would be pretty used to it by second year! πŸ™‚ I’ve still got time and money to go out and have fun though!

Over Christmas I was back at my old job, working in the pub kitchen. It was hard work but nice to see everyone there that I hadn’t seen in months. I also caught up with my friends from home, as well as just sitting around spending time with my family. It never gets old, coming home and having someone else do your washing, cooking and be responsible for the electricity bills for a little while…

Now though, it’s back to doing work, as I’ve done one exam, an assignment, and just got one exam to go next week. Then onto semester 2 already!

Oh PS, last month I also had a meeting and photo shoot for a page about me in the next University of Manchester Prospectus, so if you see me around, please, no autographs. πŸ˜›

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