Adam’s blog – 6 December 2012

Hi all!

I’ve had quite a busy week! As it’s now December, Manchester’s famous Christmas Market have officially been opened and the city is starting to get into the festive spirit. A popular leisure destination to those who live both in and around Manchester, the markets consist of over two hundred stalls that sell delicacies from all over Europe that range from food and drink to jewellery, clothes, and unique novelty items. (…That are perfect for last-minute Christmas buys!)

untitled4 untitled3

Most of the stalls are positioned into eight different areas around the city centre, and each has its own ambiance. Live bands play every night, further adding to the festive atmosphere!

On one of the first nights of the market’s opening, we decided to take a look around and purchase some of the more unusual food that the markets have to offer. After around two hours of exploration, we finally settled on burgers and a glass of German kinderpunsch (a warm alcohol-free grape punch) each before heading back. Thankfully, the University has a free bus that links the main campus and most of the central city accommodation sites to its secondary location on Sackville Street near the start of the markets, allowing us to avoid Manchester’s rainy climate!

untitled1This week has also marked my birthday! As I had early morning lectures the day after my birthday, I decided that it would be best to stay at my university accommodation with my flat mates instead of travelling home and then returning to uni the next morning. Instead of buying a birthday cake, my friends decided it would be a good idea to bake me two. Being a competitive bunch, it didn’t take long for this leisurely pursuit to escalate into a full on culinary war; the kitchen quickly split into two groups and turned what had initially been an innocent baking event into a battle for gastronomic dominance. I’ll let you decide which of the two looks the better cake!

untitled2Finally, I attended my first LinguistMix lecture this week! LinguistMix is a social event that allows linguists and general language lovers to discuss current academic topics that the university’s lecturers are currently researching. The event ensures that students are given the most up-to-date knowledge and research possible, whilst providing a place where people who share the same interests can get to know each other over wine and nibbles! 🙂

Next week is when almost all of my assignments have to be submitted! Hopefully I’ll be able to finish everything!

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