Eleanor’s Blog – 30 November

Hello hello!

Sorry for my unscheduled absence last week, it flew by and before I knew it I hadn’t had a chance to write about any of it!

Reading Adam’s lovely blog I can see that my student experience is a little different from that of a more traditional, academic uni course, (reading week to us SLTs is just a wonderful dream) but despite the long hours it’s still just as much fun! Last year we had lectures all over campus in loads of different buildings and theatres, and we felt a bit like we were being dragged all over without having a proper base or building to call home. This year however, all my lectures are in the same building and it’s becoming a lot more focused on Speech and Language Therapy as a profession, and what we can expect once we’re qualified. Since being a bit more settled in our building, where all our lecturers and all the SLT staff are also based, we’ve discovered we also have a common room! Complete with comfy sofas and a big TV (that we’ve worked out how to get BBC iPlayer on), it’s where my friends and I have started spending all our time between lectures. We definitely feel at home now!

A big issue that was raised to us this week was that of information sharing on things like Facebook and Twitter, and I guess for me, this blog! Since it’s a healthcare course, we have to be careful about what we share on the internet – imagine if one of our clients saw photos of a big night out or something! It’s really made me think about what I share on Facebook and who’ll be able to see it; not that I do anything bad anyway! Even for students on other courses – people from placement or prospective employers may be able to see stuff that you wouldn’t necessarily want to share with everyone in a work environment. If you have any complaints about any aspect of the course or a certain member of staff, there is always an official channel that you can voice your concerns through, rather than writing an angry status. So you won’t find me moaning about any of my lecturers on here guys! Not that I’d want to anyway 🙂

Next week, my housemates and I are hosting a big party round at our house, which I am rather excited about! Now I’m not in halls, it all feels a bit more grown up and we have a bit more freedom with the house :). I’ve also got my driving theory test, eeeep! My instructor told me not to tell anyone when it is in case I fail and have to tell everyone, but I’ll make an exception for you lot. Wish me luck!

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